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Imagine what a pleasant surprise to find your beautiful book after my return.
With still fresh memories of delicious food on my mind.
What a coincidence.

The book is perfect. Very nice presentation, easy to follow recipes, such a good selection…. I like it that you included the verses.
Please don’t change anything.

I thought of 5 people immediately to give this book to as a present.
They will love it, too.
Kind regards


My friend in Colorado showed me the cookbook that she ordered from you. It is excellent! What a great resource. Flipping through the pages brought many memories and made my mouth water for home. :)

Since you made a note in the back of the book for suggestions or comments, it was such a blessing to have the metric conversions for the ingredients; to see the scriptures; beautiful photos; and the overall quality in every aspect.


Dear Gila,
I went on a wonderful tour to Israel in June 2008. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed the Israeli food. It was awesome! We were at Garden Tomb when I first saw your recipe book in the shop. Unfortunately I did not take much money with me that day, and could not buy it. Then later in the week we went to a Christian Book shop in Jerusalem, near one of the gates.

Well, I was so thrilled to see your book there. I immediately bought it! I have only made the Orange soup so far. I cannot tell you how much my family enjoyed it. My little 9 year old loved it the most. When she saw me make it for the second time, she was very shocked to see that I had in pumpkin and sweet potato( as that is not normally her favorite). She went as far as having 3 helpings!

I cannot wait to try out all the recipes (which will be in the near future). I am so grateful to you for putting this book together. I enjoyed Israel so very much! I love the Jewish people, their country and food!
Kind Regards